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Pastoral Team (Coordinator-Meals Ministry Team)

To coordinate the provision of emergency meals to those who have just had a baby, come out of hospital or are struggling to cope with cooking meals, for a variety of reasons.

Responsible To: Pastoral Coordinator (Jenny Cosslett)
Time Committment: Varies according to need
As part of this role a volunteer would have the following responsibilities:
  • Contact members of the Meals Ministry team following a request for help from the Clergy or Pastoral Coordinator , to ensure a rota is established for the preparation and delivery of one meal per day for a set period (usually one or two weeks) or until the person is able to cook for themselves again
  • Keep an up to date list of volunteers and source new volunteers as and when needed
  • Encourage members to cook a meal for freezing even if they are unable to deliver it in person and provide support with ideas for suitable meals etc.
  • Liaise with the Pastoral Coordinator, on a regular basis

A volunteer in this role would require some or all of the following attributes:
  • Organised and able to lead a team of volunteers
  • Able to listen effectively and communicate clearly with others
  • Able to cook a healthy meal and advise others on how to do so.
  • Friendly, sensitive and patient with a spirit of love and compassion for those in need of this type of pastoral care
  • Have access to a freezer for the storage of meals cooked by others and use of a telephone

In order for someone to be able to perform this role the following training and support will be given:
  • Initial training and ongoing support arranged by the Pastoral Coordinator (Jenny Cosslett)

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