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Pastoral Team (Coordinator-Prayer Chain Team)

To monitor St John's Prayer Chains and encourage new members to join them, especially when existing members leave. To be available to initiate Prayer Chains with a telephone call to the first person on each of the Prayer Chains, when informed of a request for urgent prayer. To keep a record of each prayer request received.

Responsible To: Pastoral Coordinator (Jenny Cosslett)
Time Committment: Approx. 1 hour a week
As part of this role a volunteer would have the following responsibilities:
  • Respond to requests from the Clergy or others for urgent prayer by telephoning the first person on each of St John's Prayers Chains. (If they are unavailable, calls should be made to those further down the chain until contact is made).
  • Ensure that a brief message describing the prayer request, is given to each person in the Prayer Chain either in person or via their answerphone.
  • Use discretion when asked to start the prayer chains as to whether
    1. All the prayer Chains should be involved
    2. Just one Prayer Chain is sufficient
    3. Only a few selected Prayer Chain members should be asked to pray
    4. The request is more appropriate for the Book of Healing prayer kept in church
  • Keep a confidential record of all requests for prayer and advise the Clergy and Pastoral Coordinator of any concerns
  • Pray for the person concerned until advised otherwise
  • Monitor the Prayer Chains and replace members when required

A volunteer in this role would require some or all of the following attributes:
  • Have access to a home telephone and be prepared to make a number of calls (Availability of free local calls would be helpful in this role)
  • Is organised, friendly and patient and has good communication and listening skills
  • Has a concern and compassion for others
  • Is fully commited to the power of prayer

In order for someone to be able to perform this role the following training and support will be given:
  • Initial training and ongoing support arranged by the Pastoral Coordinator (Jenny Cosslett)

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