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Pastoral Team (Team Member-Transport-Dial a Ride Assistant)

To assist parishioners who use the Dial a Ride service to attend the Tuesday morning service, who may not be able to access this or other services due to limited mobility.

Responsible To: Dial a Ride Coordinator
Time Committment: Second Tuesday every month
As part of this role a volunteer would have the following responsibilities:
  • Meet the Dial a Ride driver and accompany them to the addresses of the parishioners who have requested transport
  • Pick up parishioners from their home and take them to the Tuesday 10:30 service. This will involve helping them to get onto the bus as they will have limited mobility.
  • Return parishioners to their homes following the service. Again, this will involve providing practical assistance to get off the bus and get back inside their home.
  • Inform the Dial a Ride Coordinator of any concerns regarding the general welfare of any of the parishioners

A volunteer in this role would require some or all of the following attributes:
  • Able to offer practical assistance to parishioners when getting on and off the bus
  • Reliable
  • Able to communicate clearly
  • Friendly, pleasant personality who enjoys social contact with older people

In order for someone to be able to perform this role the following training and support will be given:
  • Initail training and ongoing support will be provided by the Dial a Ride Coordinator

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