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Children and Young People's Team (Group Leader-PUSH)

To support, guide and encourage young people aged 15/18 in their life and faith.

Responsible To: Children and Young People's Coordinator (Joanna Marshall)
Time Committment: Sunday 7:30-9:30pm
As part of this role a volunteer would have the following responsibilities:
  • Meet for prayer with other leaders before sessions
  • Attend sessions on a regular basis
  • Help set up and clear away equipment ensuring that the building is clean , tidy and secure
  • Lead a termly meeting to reflect on previous sessions, to plan, pray & discuss those in the following term
  • Lead, encourage & support Team Members
  • Ensure that registers, registration documents & other administrative duties are kept up to date
  • Oversee the resources & budget for PUSH

A volunteer in this role would require some or all of the following attributes:
  • Strong communication skills particularly with young people aged 15 to 18 Be good at communicating with children and adults
  • Able to maintain confidentiality at all times, reporting any concerns to the Children and Young People's Coordinator (Joanna Marshall)
  • Attend relevant training sessions and courses eg. child protection training
  • Be familiar with the Child Protection and Health and Safety policies
  • Able to lead sessions

In order for someone to be able to perform this role the following training and support will be given:
  • Initial training and ongoing training arranged by the Children and Young People's Coordinator (Joanna Marshall). Opportunities will be given to attend appropriate courses throughout the year
  • Regular meetings with Joanna Marshall to discuss concerns, resources, staffing & future plans

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